Peterborough Printing Office

The Peterborough History Group’s Printing Office is an original working museum established in the 1880s. The Printing Office building and contents form one coherent collection. There are thousands of items within the building, including furniture, printing presses, font blocks, work benches, printing equipment such as guillotines, paper folder, stitching machine, hole puncher, paper stock and stationery samples; and in addition, an archive of job dockets and copies of newspaper issues. Together this diverse range of objects reveals the complexity of the printing business, and changes in technology, work practices and skills, and graphic design over the decades of the 20th century.  he Printing Office is not a museum housing a collection brought together from disparate sources. It is, in essence, an historic house, with building and contents having a direct and intertwined relationship.  Since 2011 the building, contents and yards have been managed for Council by Peterborough History Group SA Inc. While in Peterborough make sure to experience the atmosphere and workings of an original Print Shop.