Sunday Drives in Peterborough

When was the last time you just jumped in the car to go for a picturesque cruise, rather than rushing from one place to the next? Grab your keys this weekend and discover one (or both) of our recommended drives starting at Peterborough.  

  1. Northern Areas Scenic Drive

The Northern Areas scenic drive is an enchanting drive that takes approximately 2.5 hours in duration, encompassing 100km of good dirt roads.

The journey starts from the Peterborough Post Office, heading east you’ll travel on the Broken Hill Road for 11.5km, then turn left on Ucolta Road. During your travels, you will come across historic ruins, views of the Olary Ridges and drive through the ghost town of Dawson. There will be many opportunities for photos, but a must visit is to the Black Rock Lookout!

As you continue to traverse the outback roads, you will arrive at Magnetic Hill… will your car roll uphill or down?

Please also make sure you are mindful of local landowners’ property, and don’t forget to leave the countryside how you found it.  Local and unsealed roads may change without notice. AWD/High clearance vehicles recommended.

2. Terowie Trek

Terowie is Peterborough’s neighbouring town, located on the Barrier Highway. On this trek you will come across the remains of Ucolta and the ruins of the town of Lancelot. Upon your arrival in Terowie, explore the streets and admire the authentic, well preserved buildings. Visit the site where in 1942 General Douglas McArthur gave his first Australian press interview after his escape from the Philippines. It was from the Terowie railway platform he issued the now famous statement, “I came out of Bataan and I shall return!” In 1985 Terowie was declared a historic town.

Pick up detailed maps and other scenic drives from the Peterborough Visitor Information Centre

Open 9am- 5pm daily

2 Telford Avenue, Peterborough SA 5422