A Good News Story… the development of the Peterborough Powerlifting Gym!

The Peterborough Powerlifting Gym project was a collaborative idea involving the Peterborough High School, SA Police, the District Council of Peterborough and Regional Development Yorke and Mid North. The aim was to develop and provide an inclusive space that focused on wellbeing and life choices through goal focused, strengthen based activity in Peterborough “Strengthen your body, Strengthen your mind”.

This project received funding through the Heart Foundation’s Active Australia Innovation Challenge in 2019. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 there were major delays with this project. However, once restrictions ease, the equipment was delivered and a location was chosen, it was full steam ahead! The gym has been set at the Peterborough Football Club and includes equipment such as a power rack, barbells, bumper plates, a flat bench, dumbbells, kettle bells and resistance bands to list a few.

We have two coaches who have recently been fully accredited through the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association in Adelaide. They will both be holding two coaching sessions per week for anyone over the age of 16, who wishes to sign up and train. These amazing coaches are volunteering their time for us!

In future, we hope there will be enough interest to host a local Powerlifting Competition. If this is a success, we will aim to take a Peterborough squad and compete in a large competition.

We will be holding the opening of the Peterborough Powerlifting Gym on Friday the 27th of August, everyone is welcome to attend!